It’s no secret that in the United States having weapons is very popular and common, some do it to protect themselves, some do it simply cause they love guns. If you are considering applying online for a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit:  

A Right in the United States 

The Second Amendment of the United States’ Constitution grants citizens the right to possess firearms, with the goal of protecting the security of the nation as a free state they are and also protecting themselves. 

Not Allowed in Every State 

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Not in all the states within the US is it allowed to obtain weapons licenses, so you need to be careful with these permits online. Only some states allow it, but prior to this, you must comply with previous procedures to obtain permission such as a training course on weapons handling. 

Problem with Fingerprints 

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In order to obtain the permit, your fingerprints are also mandatory, and through permits over the internet it’s practically impossible to obtain these for the page, also not all states allow fingerprints to be sent digitally. We advise you to double check to decide how to proceed in order to get your permission legally, in your particular state.  

Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Indiana are some of the places that allow online applications, and the requirements of the certificate of training and fingerprints are sent by mail. 

Check your Place of Residence 

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It’s very important for you to check in the system which one is the place of residence that appears in your personal data, in case you have changed your residence a few times. And depending on the information appears, it’s where you should apply for the license. 

Non-resident License 

There is also the option of non-resident licenses, and they are the most common in concealed carry weapons when in your actual place of residence the use of weapons isn’t allowed or it presents some inconveniences to get this permit.  

South Carolina is one of the places who allow this type of non-resident license through the internet, where the requirements such as a certificate of training and fingerprints should be sent by mail.  

Oklahoma also allows this process to be done online but the application must be sent along with a copy of your identification with a personal photo, in addition to printing it and taking it to the sheriff’s office in your place of residence. 


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Being able to get this permission through the Internet is an opportunity many try to take advantage of because it’s easier, and anyone can do it at any time of the day without having to go to a specific place and spend some time there doing all the relevant procedures.  

It should be clarified that it’s a license that works within the confines of the laws on reciprocity concealed carry weapons that each particular state that has dictated and it won’t be valid for all States. 

So if it is in your possibilities to do it, take this opportunity as it will be easier and faster. You just need to verify all these tips to be aware and well prepared to do it all legally, avoid being scammed or simply doing things wrong for whatever preventable reason.